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Which WiFi Channel is Best

Which WiFi Channel is best

Each WiFi router or WiFi access point has a setting that allows you to change your WiFi channel being used by the device. The reason for this is because too many WiFi devices using the same channel cause interference with each other and therefore decrease the stability and signal of your WiFi router.

Most routers will default to channel 11. This is a cause for many of the issues and we recommend trying out different channels when setting up your WiFi router. Test your signal strength using a smartphone in various areas of your home or office.

Change the channel on the device and perform the test again, noting your signal strength. You can also run a Speed Test to determine your Internet speed at various points in your home or office.

Once you have tested all the channels you can determine which one has the best signal and least interference. Change the router to that channel permanently.

Please note that your channel performance may change in future if one of your neighbours buys a new router and uses the same channel number as you. If you find that you are suddenly experiencing poor connectivity, try these steps again.

If you try all the channels and are still experiencing poor performance try some of our other tips on how to improve your WiFi signal or take a look at our WiFi installation service

How Much Is a WiFi Router

How much is a wifi router

A WiFi router or access point is a piece of hardware that controls your entire network or one that simply gives out a WiFi signal for devices to connect to your WiFi with. There are many brands of WiFi router with many different functions depending on what you are looking for.

If you do not have an Internet connection at your house/office and are looking for an all-in-one WiFi router with built -in LTE functionality (i.e. one that takes a sim card) you are looking at approximately R2500 excl VAT

If you require a WiFi access point that simply gives out a WiFi signal from your current network then we can suggest the Ubiquiti AC Lite which we currently sell for R1600 excl VAT.

Please note that we can supply and install any WiFi router or access point and we also give advice and on-site surveys of your home or office

How To Improve Your WiFi Signal

How to Improve Your WiFi Signal

Access Point Positioning

Your access point’s positioning can greatly affect your coverage and the strength of your signal. Try these quick tips to position your WiFi access point for the best signal:

Place the access point in the middle of your house. If you place the access point in a room off to the side of your house, you won’t get as strong a signal on the other side of your home.

Place your WiFi access point on a desk or mount it on the wall or ceiling. You’ll get better reception if the WiFi access point is on a desk, not on the floor.
You should also pay attention to the kinds of materials the WiFi access point is near. For example, placing the WiFi access point on a metal cabinet or up against a metal wall will cause problems. Signals can travel through a wood desk easily, but metal will obstruct the signals.

Other types of obstructions can also cause problems. For example, if there’s a metal filing cabinet between your computer and the WiFi access point, you may not receive a WiFi signal. The same applies to other types of dense objects.

Interference From Other Wifi Networks

Interference from other WiFi networks in the area can cause issues with your WiFi signal. To determine whether interference is occurring, you can use an app on your smartphone. It will show you the WiFi channels nearby networks are using and recommend the ideal network for you to use. These apps will also allow you to walk around the area and see where you get the best signal and where the signal is weakest.

If multiple WiFi networks are competing for the same channel, this can cause problems. To fix this, you can change the WiFi channel in your WiFi access point’s web interface. Change the signal to a different channel and then see if your WiFi connection improves.

Interference From Other Household Appliances

A variety of household appliances can cause WiFi interference, including cordless phones, baby monitors, and microwave ovens. Depending on the positioning of your WiFi WiFi access point, your networked device, and the appliance, you may even have the WiFi network cut out when the microwave or cordless phone is in use.

Problems with microwaves can often be solved by positioning your devices such that the microwave isn’t between your WiFi access point and the device. it’s also possible that a new microwave will help if the new microwave has better shielding.

Other devices can also cause problems. For example, older Bluetooth devices can interfere with nearby Wi-Fi signals, although newer Bluetooth devices don’t.

See also: BEST MOCA ADAPTER TO EXTEND THE WIFI NETWORK IN YOUR HOME from our friends over at bestreviewslist.com

If you have tried all these techniques and still have problems please check out our WiFi Installation service. We come to you and install access points where needed around your office or home

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need to Outsource IT

outsourcing graphic

Lack of cash-flow is a problem for most small business owners. It is for this reason that you as the small business owner find yourself in the position of trying to perform all functions of the business. This is the number one mistake small business owners make, they value money over time when they should be valuing time over money. After all, you can always make more money but nobody can make more time.

Besides this, there are a number of concrete reasons for non-technical businesses to outsource their IT function to a dedicated, trained IT company

IT as a Budgetable Expense

Most IT companies offer a retainer service that allows you as the client, to budget and reliably forecast expenditure on IT services over the course of the next financial year. All-inclusive monthly packages can cover labour and callout fees on a per device basis, avoiding unexpected costs when something breaks.

Risk Mitigation

Server crashes, hacking, Ransomware and data theft are just a few of the risks that affect businesses in the modern world. A major IT disaster without a recovery plan will more often than not see a small business close its doors for good. This is only magnified if your company is in financial services or the medical industry, where proper backup and recovery plans are a legal prerequisite.

A good IT company will assist you to come up with and implement an effective backup and recovery plan as well as implement the correct measures to ensure data privacy and security

Focus on Your Core Business

By freeing you and your staff from the burden of managing your IT systems, an outsourced IT company gives you the freedom to focus on your core goals and increase revenue

Professional Advice

Similar to hiring an accountant to give financial advice or a lawyer to give legal advice, an experienced IT company can see potential pitfalls as well as opportunities for your business to take advantage of that you simply would not have seen by yourself. 

In the ever-changing landscape of IT, professional IT companies can give advice on numerous aspects of your IT infrastructure such as connectivity, on-premises vs cloud and ageing hardware.

Level the Playing Field

Outsourcing allows your small business to get the same services and advice normally reserved for large businesses with huge budgets and in-house IT managers and staff. 

If these reasons have struck a chord with you and you would like to find out how Soft Edge Solutions can help your business contact us now

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Although I am fairly sorted for now I will definitely be using your company for our IT needs in future.

Thanks and keep it up.

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