Google Ads Management – Pay Per Click

Google Ads Management

Drive Traffic To Your Site Affordably and Effectively

Do you want to generate more leads from your website but don’t want to wait several months to improve your organic Google ranking?

We offer a world-class Google Ads management service

We analyse your website and industry and create an optimised Google Ads campaign with high-quality score keyphrases to save you money

Simple, Affordable Google Ads Management Pricing

Our pricing is simple:

  • R1000 setup fee
  • 20% of monthly Google Ads spend (We can guarantee this will pay for itself due to higher quality scores and improved click-through rates

Free Site Audit

We analyse your site and provide you with an initial proposal on how we can increase your leads

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We Normally Increase Our Clients leads By Up To 40%

Google Ads Quality Score

Quality, Quality, Quality

We increase your quality score on each keyphrase, saving you up to 50% per click

Landing Pages Are the Key

We create landing pages for all your ad groups to increase conversions. We never direct to the home page

Landing Pages

Conversion Tracking

Track Conversions

We always set up conversions to ensure your clicks are meeting your end goal

We Spy On Your Competitors

What are your competitors spending their budget on? What works and what doesn’t?

Competitor Analysis

Why Use Our Google Ads Management?

Weekly Check-Ins

We want to get you more leads immediately so we do weekly phone calls with you to analyse the performance of your ads and see where we can improve

Tailored Strategy

We understand that every business is unique. We take the time to learn about your business and your industry before offering an opinion on the best way forward for your Google Ads account. We treat every cent of your budget as we would our own

Test, Test and Test

We continually monitor every element of your account and test new variations and elements so to find the right combination for you and your business (and then we test again). 

Free Google Ads Audit

Don’t forget to Get Your Free No-Obligation Google Ads Audit

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