We will be your IT partner and guide, providing a custom service that’s tailored to your business needs.

Our Managed IT Support Service provides pro-active IT support for your business. 

  • Pricing is based on the total number of devices so you can budget for it. 
  • We offer flexible options such as multi-branch support and critical device IT support

Our Managed IT Support Services

  • All business technology supported
  • Inclusive remote & onsite IT Support contracts available
  • Inclusive Help-Desk IT support
  • Reactive onsite IT support and scheduled onsite visits
  • 24/7 infrastructure management and monitoring
  • Scheduled preventative IT maintenance
  • Automated updates and patch management
  • Managed security and backups
  • Preventative ransomware protection*
  • 3rd party supplier management (for any technology not provided by us)
  • Asset and licencing management
  • Monthly IT reporting
*part of our backup and antivirus strategy

IT Support is normally delivered reactively: when something breaks you call us and a technician arrives to help. The technician invoices you for every hour spent and you don’t see them again until something else breaks. The problem with this approach is that it results in downtime and an unexpected expense. More problems mean more hours to invoice. In today’s highly IT-dependant environments, being reactive isn’t good enough anymore. Downtime today can be extremely costly and could mean lost deals, delays, penalties and frustration.
Furthermore, the continued health and maintenance of your business IT infrastructure is of paramount importance – IT is typically the second-largest budget item in a company, making it an essential investment to protect.

At Soft Edge Solutions, we direct our efforts at resolving issues specifically related to the Service Desk and its’ associated operations, people and process challenges.
Our Service Centre builds on our track record in Service Management to deliver exceptional skills and customer service for our global customers underpinned by global leading technologies and guaranteed data network availability.
When performed properly these proactive support techniques reduce the chances of downtime significantly, meaning less fixing and more productivity for you and your company. We make use of Continuum Remote Management and Monitoring Software to monitor and manage your devices, from servers to desktops.

There are numerous options available depending on your needs and budget. We can operate as a fully outsourced IT department handling all aspects of your IT, or we can supplement your existing IT department and add scalability and additional skills to improve their function. We have numerous Service Level Agreements with monitoring and proactive support included as part of the price