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We provide computer network installation services in Johannesburg and surrounds

  • Our prices are fixed per point
  • We can install both wired network points and wireless (WiFi) networks

We provide computer network installations in Edenvale

  • Our network installation prices are fixed per point
  • We have trained, certified network installation teams
  • We provide network installations, testing and labelling of computer networks in Edenvale
  • We can install both wired network points and wireless (WiFi) networks

Why Use Us?

We are not the only network installers in Edenvale, but we pride ourselves in offering a high-quality service at a reasonable price

  • Affordable pricing per point
  • No hidden costs
  • Trained, certified installers
  • Free on-site quotation
  • Fast turnaround time
  • 2-year warranty on all installations
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Network Installation Services

Data Cabling Installations:

  • Fibre optic link installations/repairs
  • CAT 5 and CAT 6 network cable installations/repairs
  • Cabinet installation and preparation for servers, switches, routers and other devices
  • Patching and labelling of network cables
  • Network cable testing
  • Tidying and rerouting existing network installations
  • New data cabling network installations
  • Amendments and changes to existing computer networks
  • Network installations for Call Centers
  • Network Cabling for Data Centers
  • Network Cable Labeling and Tracing
  • Network Cable Testing and Fault Finding
  • Installation of New Office Network Points/Data Points
  • Data Network installations in Edenvale

Analogue Telephone Cabling Installations:

  • Telephone Cabling Installations in Edenvale
  • Telephone Cable Labeling and Tracing
  • Telephone Cable Testing and Fault Finding
  • Telephone Cable Upgrades
  • Server Room Renovations and cleaning
  • Installation of New Office Telephone Cabling in Edenvale

Voice Cabling Installations:

  • New Voice Cabling Installations in Edenvale
  • Voice Cable Labeling and Tracing
  • Voice Cable Testing and Fault Finding
  • Voice Cabling Upgrades
  • Server Room Renovations and cleaning
  • Installation of New Office Voice Cabling in Edenvale
  • Voice Network installations in Edenvale

Whether your business is public, private or educational you can depend on Soft Edge Solutions to deliver a complete professional package, including installation, testing, certification and ongoing maintenance and we are regularly employed by leading building contractors and have built excellent working relationships with contractors and suppliers across the country.

Soft Edge Solutions are experts in voice and data network installations in Edenvale and offer a comprehensive suite of stand-alone or supported installation and network configuration services.

We have a highly trained network installation team, complete with certifications and we provide network installations for structured cabling and connectivity solutions, as well as an extensive range of network equipment.

Soft Edge Solutions can also install and configure a wide variety of network devices, including switches, routers, firewalls, wireless networks and IP telephony solutions. Our team of consultants can also supply and provide ongoing support for hardware installations, and will help your business find the perfect network installation solution, whatever your requirements may be.

If you require network installations in Edenvale or connectivity between multiple locations such as headquarters, branch offices, suppliers or customers, our point to point wireless design and installation services are ideal. With the adoption of converged services like video, voice and data, these remote connections often require both increased bandwidth and also the quality of service to safeguard data for time-sensitive applications.