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Are you looking for a physical cabling installation for your office or home?

We provide computer network installation services in Johannesburg and Pretoria

  • Our prices are fixed per point
  • We can install both wired network points and wireless (WiFi) networks

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Network Installation Services

Data Cabling Installations:

  • Fibre optic link installations/repairs
  • CAT 5 and CAT 7 network cable installations/repairs
  • Cabinet installation and preparation for servers, switches, routers and other devices
  • Patching and labelling of network cables
  • Network cable testing
  • Tidying and rerouting existing network installations
  • New Data Cabling Installations
  • Amendments and changes to existing computer networks
  • Network installations for Call Centers
  • Network Cabling for Data Centers
  • Network Cable Labeling and Tracing
  • Network Cable Testing and Fault Finding
  • Installation of New Office Network Points/Data Points

Voice Cabling Installations:

  • New Voice Cabling Installations
  • Voice Cable Labeling and Tracing
  • Voice Cable Testing and Fault Finding
  • Voice Cabling Upgrades
  • Server Room Renovations and cleaning
  • Installation of New Office Voice Cabling

Analogue Telephone Cabling Installations:

  • Telephone Cabling Installations
  • Telephone Cable Labeling and Tracing
  • Telephone Cable Testing and Fault Finding
  • Telephone Cable Upgrades
  • Server Room Renovations and cleaning
  • Installation of New Office Telephone Cabling
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Why Use Us?

We are not the only network installers in town but we price ourselves in offering a high-quality service at a reasonable price

  • Affordable pricing
  • Trained, certified installers
  • Free on-site quotation
  • Fast turnaround time
  • 2-year warranty on all installations

Network Installation Process

  1. You request a quote, specifying the number of network points required
  2. We will get back to you with an instant quote based on our standard price per point
  3. You accept the quote and pay a 50% deposit
  4. We come out to you on the day agreed upon and do a check to make sure there are no additional costs before going ahead and installing
  5. Once done you inspect our work and pay the balance