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Poor WiFi Coverage?

  • Router supplied with traditional fibre/LTE

We provide wifi installation services in Johannesburg. We do not install WiFi extenders as they are notoriously unreliable. We only install top of the range Wireless Access Points from Ubiquiti with a range of up to 800m.

Our units have a range of up to 100 metres. We do recommend at least one unit per floor. For a large l-shaped or long floor we might need 2 per floor.

Where necessary we install network points and connect WiFi Access Points to them to extend your WiFi signal even further.

We provide an immediate quote and follow-up with an on-site survey of your office before undertaking any work. We test your current wireless WiFi connection for issues and signal loss. We then install the best solution to fix your WiFi coverage issues.

Other than just the basic Home/Office WiFi installation, we also do Advanced WiFi installations. Whether you want to provide Wireless network access to Public places, building or outside areas, we have the right solution for any type of WiFi installation.

Why Choose Soft Edge Solutions?

  • Our prices are affordable and fixed per point
  • 2-year warranty on all WiFi installations
  • We can also install data network points and fibre-optic
  • We use only trained, experienced network installers

Wifi Installation Services

  • Basic WiFi installation for Home/Office
  • Repeater/Extender installations for Home/Office
  • Long Distance wifi installations/support
  • Peer to Peer wifi installations/support
  • WDS Bridge wifi installations/support
  • Managed Wireless Installation Services
  • Wireless Hot Spots (WiFi Host Spots) – Sell data to your visitors
  • CAT 5 and CAT 7 network cable installations / repairs
  • Cabinet installation and preparation for servers, switches, routers and other devices
  • Patching and labelling of network cables
  • Network cable testing
  • Tidying and rerouting existing network installations